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Smart City Realty Inc. Brokerage is a licensed real estate Brokerage operating in Ontario. We are a member of the Ottawa Real Estate Board.

We offer:

  • Professional agents, who will assist you at every step, from finding the best property at the right price to closing a deal.
  • Free valuation for sellers.
  • Choice of Traditional Commission-based Seller Services or "For Sale by Owner" (F.S.B.O.) Services. 


We offer two free books to help you sell your home or if you want to buy a home. Call us for a Free Copy.



Free BookFree Book

Free Book. To get a copy email or phone us.Free Book. To get a copy email or phone us.

Choices, Choices, Choices!

Searching for a home that matches you wants and needs can be a very time consuming exercise. By using a realtor, the number of possible choices can be reduced to manageable number that matches your specific requirements.

Some of the examples of preferred requirements could be: Price, Size (Square Footage of home), Lot size, Zoning,Type of neighbourhood, Detached Home, Town Home or Condo, Parking, road system, Local Shopping, Public Transit, Employment Zones, Schools, Quality Ratings of Schools, Parks, Sports fields, Bicycle paths, Sports leagues for children and teenagers,  Libraries, Property Taxes, Service Clubs, Hospitals, Fire Stations,  Health Clinics, Day Care, and Senior Centres just to name a few. 


Once one of our Realtors determines what your requirements are they will be able to compile a list of homes and properties that  you as the customer, can choose which ones you would like more information and possibly arrange an on-site viewing. You as the customer can also ask us to research properties that you may have found on your own.


To be either a "Client" or "Customer" with us, we are required to present you a service agreement. By signing the agreement as a "Client" we as the Brokerage are then obligated to provide you with all known facts about any home and property that you are interested in. This is known as fiduciary duty.

Various forms of legal protection that Realtors are required to have such as "Errors and Omissions" and "Consumer Deposit" insurance are in place to provide our "Clients" with the highest level of consumer protection and professional assistance in the purchase of their new homes and properties.

If you choose to be a "Customer" with our Brokerage , then you are not owed "fiduciary duty", But our Brokerage is obligated to to treat you with fairness, honesty and integrity, and to provide you with conscientious and competent service.


Our Salesperson or Broker will then negotiate an acceptable form of compensation usually by use of percentage commission on the sale of the home or property. This commission is paid by the seller on the outcome of the sale of the property, and in many cases, the commission is evenly split between the Buyer and Selling Sales representatives  for both Brokerages. 


The following quote is from the Real Estate Council of Ontario about the difference between being a "Client" or a "Customer":


Client vs customer:

What is the difference and why does it matter when you’re buying or

selling a home?

March 19, 2015

Buyers and sellers may enter into one of two types of agreements with a brokerage: a representation agreement or a customer service agreement. Both are considered legally binding agreements.

If you enter into a representation agreement, you are considered a client of the brokerage; if you enter into a customer service agreement, you are considered a customer.

There are two big differences between the brokerage’s obligations to a client versus a customer.

First, if you are a client, the brokerage has an important obligation to you, called fiduciary duty, and must promote and protect your best interests in the real estate transaction. If you are a customer, the brokerage does not have that obligation, but is obligated to treat you with fairness, honesty and integrity, and to provide you with conscientious and competent service.

Second, if you are a client looking to purchase a property, under a legislated Code of Ethics, the salesperson must take reasonable steps to determine, and then disclose to you, all material facts about the property. If you are a customer, however, the salesperson only has to disclose to you the material facts that he or she already knows or ought to know, and they are not required to take any further steps.

There are a couple of other points to consider when deciding whether to become a client or a customer of a brokerage, especially if you are a seller.

As a seller being represented by a salesperson, the salesperson must convey all written offers to you unless you specify otherwise in writing. A salesperson working with you as a customer, however, is not obligated to convey offers to you unless your agreement with the brokerage provides for the brokerage to receive written offers on your behalf. In that situation, the buyer’s representative would have to contact you directly.

With all of these points in mind, your decision boils down to a basic question when considering the client versus customer relationship: What are my needs and which relationship best meets them?  If you have knowledge and a comfort level with buying and selling real estate, then perhaps the customer relationship is sufficient for your needs. If your knowledge and experience is limited, then the client relationship is likely your better option.

No matter what you decide, remember to do your homework in advance. Before you sign your agreement with the brokerage, make sure you know what you want and the services you expect to receive. For sellers, this could include staging, open houses, advertising and a marketing plan. For buyers, this could include must-have features, potential deal breakers, amenities and geographic considerations. In both cases, make sure that it’s clear who will be paying for these additional services.

Be informed. Determine what you want and what you need. Understand your rights and obligations under your relationship with the sales representative. If you prepare well in advance, this will help ensure there are no surprises during the buying or selling process.

Source: Joseph Richer is Registrar of the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO).